The Bison has 7/8 inch Backset and composed of Moso Bamboo.

Back Set is opposite of String Follow.  Back Set is set away from the handle or toward the back of the bow.  Back Set bows average approximately 5-7 feet per second faster than the String Follow model at the same given draw length.  These are excellent hunting bows due to the extra energy they deliver.  This model will shoot a flatter arrow.  They are very smooth with no hand shock.  

Back Set models work very well with hunting big game.  

‚ÄčMoso Bamboo is a grass, therefore, its soft and flexible.  At JET Archery, Moso Bamboo is tempered at high heat. Tempering increases the tensile strength.  Strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while bending, stretching or being pulled before breaking.  Its essential to know the proper methods in tempering Bamboo so it can reach its ultimate tensil strength.   It works well with all bow weights especially the heavier draw weights.  Once the bamboo is heat tempered, each piece is individually weighed and spine tested.  Its then assembled in a specific order to insure the bow reaches its maximum performance.  

Bamboo is highly temperature resistant material.  In all weather conditions, a bamboo bow will perform to its maximum regardless of temperature.

Riser Options:

Babinga, Birds Eye Maple, Birds Eye , Tiger Wood, Sycamore, Black Limba, Tasmanian Black Wood,
Figured Koa, Quilted Big leaf Maple, Myrtle,Snake Wood, Bocote



Deluxe Model comes with choice of Risers:

Koa or Myrtle