​​​How to choose the right Longbow

When choosing the right longbow, it is essential to know your true draw length at full draw.  This is important because JET Longbows are designed to reach the peak of their performance at a given draw length.  The tapers are ground to fit one particular length bow.  For example, a 66" bow taper would be cut to meet a peak performance at a 26" draw.   A 68" bow's internal tapers would be designed specifically for a 28" draw.   JET longbows are laid out accordingly.

65" bow is for 24 1/2" to 25 1/2" draw

66" bow is for 25 1/2" to 26 1/2" draw

67" bow is for 26 1/2" to 27 1/2" draw

68" bow is for 27 1/2" to 28 1/2" draw

69" bow is for 28 1/2" to 29 1/2" draw

If you have a 26 1/2" draw, a 66" bow will work, however when you are reaching the upper end of a given bow draw length, its beneficial to move up to the next size bow.  This will allow a smoother draw as well as a cleaner release.

JET Archery String Follow Models:

Warthog 1/2" String Follow with heat tempered Moso Bamboo
Jaguar 1/2" String Follow with Air Dried Pacific Yew Wood

String Follow indicates that when a bow is unstrung, the limbs bend slightly toward the handle or belly side of the bow.  This makes a bow very forgiving and extremely accurate.  String Follow bows are excellent for 3-D shoots and hunting big game.

JET Archery Set Back Models:

Dave Wallace Special 1/8" Back Set
Bison 3/4" Back Set with heat tempered Moso Bamboo

Diamond Back 1" Back Set with woven carbon fiber
Wolverine  1  1/4" Back Set with heat tempered Moso Bamboo  

Safari 2" Back Set with woven carbon fiber

Leopard 7/8" Back Set with Pacific Yew

Wild Cat 1 1/2" Back Set with Pacific Yew

Back Set is opposite of String Follow.  Back Set is set away from the handle or toward the back of the bow. Back Set bows average approximately 5-7 feet per second faster than the String Follow model at the same given draw weight.  These are excellent hunting bows due to the extra energy they deliver.  The Back Set model will shoot a flatter arrow.  These bows are very smooth with no hand shock and work extremely well with hunting large game such as wild boar (which have a very heavy shoulder plate), Moose, Elk, Kodiak Bears and African animals.


JET Archery uses 3 different core materials for custom Longbows:  

                                         Pacific Yew Wood, Moso Bamboo & Woven Carbon Fiber

PACIFIC YEW WOOD  comes from Oregon.  It is among the toughest of all softwood species.  It's density and working characteristics are more inline with a heavy hardwood.  It's tight, fine grain and smooth texture give it a lustrous finish.

Yew's greatest claim to fame is that of its mechanical properties.  Yew has an incredibly low and disproportionate modulus of elasticity.  This  means the wood is extremely flexible and strong making it ideally suited for use in archery bows.  Yew was the wood of choice for English longbows in medieval warfare.

MOSO BAMBOO is a grass, therefore, its soft and flexible.  At JET Archery, Moso Bamboo is tempered at high heat. Tempering increases the tensile strength.  Strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while bending, stretching or being pulled before breaking.  Its essential to know the proper methods in tempering Bamboo so it can reach its ultimate tensile strength.   It works well with all bow weights especially the heavier draw weights.  Once the bamboo is heat tempered, each piece is individually weighed and spine tested.  Its then assembled in specific order to insure the bow reaches its maximum performance.  

Carbon Fiber  ​dramatically lightens the bow limb as well as provides additional stability.