Dave Wallace Special

The Dave Wallace Special has  1/8 " Back Set and composed of heat tempered Moso Bamboo.

This bow is approximately 5 feet per second faster than the Warthog Model.
The bamboo is glued up as a stave and prestressed.  It is then glassed.  This  increases the internal compression

at full draw generating more speed without losing the stability of a string follow bow.  

There are several other proprietary facets to this model that will  not be disclosed.

This bow was designed for 3-D shooting and endorsed by 

Dave Wallace ~ The 8 time IBO World Champion and 4 time Triple Crown.

Back Set is opposite of String Follow.  Back Set is set away from the handle or toward the back of the bow.  Back Set bows average approximately 5-7 feet per second faster than the String Follow model at the same given draw weight.    The Back Set model will shoot a flatter arrow.  These bows are very smooth with no hand shock and work extremely well with tournament or 3-D shooting.

All JET Longbows come with Maple Riser
Additional Risers available with upcharge.  Please inquire for price.

Riser Options:

Babinga, Birds Eye Maple, Birds Eye , Tiger Wood, Sycamore, Black Limba, Tasmanian Black Wood,

Figured Koa, Quilted Big leaf Maple, Myrtle,Snake Wood, Bocote


Deluxe Model comes with Koa Riser $860