Jaguar 1/2 inch String Follow composed of Pacific Yew Wood

String Follow indicates that when a bow is unstrung, the limbs bend slightly toward the handle or belly side of the bow.  This makes a bow very forgiving and extremely accurate.  String Follow bows are excellent for 3-D shoots and hunting big game.  

Yew wood is among the toughest of all softwood species.  Its density and working characteristics are more inline with a heavy hardwood.  Its tight, fine grain and smooth texture give it a lustrous finish.

Yew Wood is extremely flexible and strong making it ideally suited for use in archery bows.  Yew was the wood of choice for English longbows in medieval warfare.

All JET Longbows come with choice of Risers:

Babinga, Birds Eye Maple, Birds Eye , Tiger Wood, Sycamore, Black Limba, Tasmanian Black Wood,
Figured Koa, Quilted Big leaf Maple, Myrtle,Snake Wood, Bocote


​Deluxe Model comes with Koa Riser $700