Wild Cat

Wild Cat has 1 1/2" Back Set with Pacific Yew wood.

The Wild Cat has a very smooth draw at 2 lbs per inch.  This bow is extremely fast ~ the fastest in my Yew Wood collection.

It has become one of my personal favorites.  If you are looking for a Yew Wood hunting bow, look no further.  

Backset is opposite of String Follow.  Backset is set away from the handle ot toward the back of the bow.  Backset bows average approximately 5-7 feet per second faster than the String Follow model at the same given draw weight.  These are excellent hunting bows due to the extra energy they deliver.  The Backset model will shoot a flatter arrow.  These bows are very smooth with no hand shock and work extremely well with hunting large game.  

Pacific Yew Wood is among the toughest of all softwood species.  Its density and working characteristics are more inline with a heavy hardwood.  Its tight, fine grain and smooth texture give it a lustrous finish.

Yew Wood is extremely flexible and strong making it ideal for longbows.  

Yew was the wood of choice for English longbows in the medieval warfare.

All JET Longbows come with choice of the following Risers:

Babinga, Birds Eye Maple, Birds Eye , Tiger Wood, Sycamore, Black Limba, Tasmanian Black Wood,
Figured Koa, Quilted Big leaf Maple, Myrtle,Snake Wood, Bocote


​Deluxe Model comes with Koa Riser $700