Leopard ~ now available in Deluxe Model

7/8" Back Set with Pacific Yew Wood


Deluxe model comes with high figured Koa riser

for an additional $75

Wild Cat ~ now available in Deluxe Model

1  1/2" Back Set with Pacific Yew Wood


Wild Cat

Jaguar ~now available in Deluxe Model

1/2"  String Follow with Pacific Yew Wood


​​Order a Custom JET Longbow

JET Longbows are custom built to specific draw weights and lengths.  Additional options consist of glass color and riser woods.  Due to the specifics of a custom build out, all orders are taken
through email:  sales@jetarchery.com (Please use form to the right)  Once Received, our office will contact you for specifics.

  • Wait time varies from month to month.  Please email to find out our current wait time.
  • Deposit of $150 is required at time of order to get on wait list.  

Final payment of custom bow is due at time of glue up.

  • Payment can be made through:  

      PayPal, check, Money order or contact us directly to pay with Visa/Master Card

Cancellation:  If an order is cancelled prior to glue up, JET Archery will refund 50% of the deposit.  After a custom bow is glued up, there will be no refunds.  Please see terms and conditions.

Phone:  877-496-2105

Fax:  484-631-0851